Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It is focused on improving the security of private companies’ supply chains with respect to terrorism. This program was launched in November 2001 with seven initial participants.

Through this initiative, CBP is asking businesses to ensure the integrity of their security practices and communicate and verify the security guidelines of their business partners within the supply chain.

Since the beginning, the governing principles of C-TPAT has been the voluntary and joined participation to develop security criteria, best practices and enforcement procedures. C-TPAT members work with CBP to protect and ensure that their shipments are free from terrorist weapons or weapons of mass destruction. In return, CBP offers a reduced number of inspections upon arrival at the port of entry, expedited process at the border and other important benefits like “front line” inspections.

The fact that our company participates in this program, ensures a superior level of security, speed in the process and avoids delays in processing your shipments.

Free and secure trade (FAST) is an initiative between the U.S. and Canada implemented by the Canada Border Services Agency and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The FAST program offers pre-authorized importers, carriers and drivers of expedite cleared, eligible goods. In French is known as EXPRES (Expéditions rapides et sécuritaires.)

For your convenience, our company has this certification.

Our company owns and operates a Customs Bonded Warehouse within the Laredo Foreign Trade Zone in Laredo, Texas. This warehouse has a temperature controlled environment for maneuvers as well as a fully refrigerated area.

A Customs Bonded Warehouse is a building or other secured area in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty.

Upon entry of goods into the warehouse, the importer and warehouse proprietor incur liability under a bond. This liability is generally cancelled when the goods are:

  • Exported; or deemed exported;
  • Withdrawn for supplies to a vessel or aircraft in international traffic;
  • Destroyed under Customs supervision; or
  • Withdrawn for consumption domestically after payment of duty.
  • While the goods are in the bonded warehouse, they may, under supervision by the customs authority, be manipulated by cleaning, sorting, repacking, or otherwise changing their condition by processes that do not amount to manufacturing. In the United States, goods may remain in the bonded warehouse up to five years from the date of importation.

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