Supporting and promoting international trade in Mexico, collaborating with the business community on the country’s development projects and providing the best service in customs brokerage and logistics that the current global trade demands.

Providing an import and export operations integrated service to our domestic business leaders, that ensures safety, professionalism and competitive pricing in order to contribute to the advancement of their companies and of international trade with Mexico.

Professionalism to deliver the highest quality service.

Responsibility and commitment to a rapid, efficient, effective and practical response.

Innovation and development of new practices for administrative, operational and service procedures.

Discipline to provide clear and complete answers.

Assist customers in import and export operations to save time and money.

Our company has the following resources:


Our licensed customs brokers work at different ports of entry in Mexico, at the border and inland ports. They have more than 60 years of combined knowledge of domestic and international trade.


  • Mexico City International Airport
  • Toluca International Airport
  • Altamira, Tamaulipas
  • Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz
  • Colombia, Nuevo León
  • Laredo, Texas, U.S.A.
  • Manzanillo, Colima
  • Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
  • Queretaro, Queretaro
  • Veracruz, Veracruz


  • 10,220 square meters of enclosed warehouse.
  • Specific area with video surveillance system for the storage and protection of high-value goods.
  • 1,670 square meters of open warehouse for handling chemical products (Hazmat) with spill control containment.
  • Overhead traveling crane for load capacity up to 20 tons.
  • Bonded warehouse with in-bond system for the storage of merchandise in transit from third party countries.
  • 16 warehouse doors, 10 spaces to unload simultaneously on the cross-dock, 14 loading platforms for chemicals and 4 spaces for loading/unloading with overhead traveling crane for simultaneous transfers with 2 access ramps to the warehouse.
  • A 25,000 square-foot platform dock to handle simultaneous cross-dock is divided into 3 sections: Class 11 (General Order), Class 3 (Warehouse Entry) and Class 8 (Handling of Merchandise). We have a U.S. customs broker in our office to process the incoming and outgoing goods held in-bond.
  • Acrylic emulsion floor finish (ISO 9902 requirement).
  • 743 square meters of office space.
  • Computer system connected to our headquarters.
  • 24-hour access controlled entrance and security surveillance system.
  • Located in the Texas Foreign Trade Zone.
  • Area for labeling, planking and repacking of goods.
  • All the above is to provide better, safe and faster service to allow your shipments to arrive faster and more efficiently. Additionally, we offer the consolidation of your products and act as a distribution center.

    Centrally headquartered in Mexico City, where our senior management team is located, as well as where all financial operations are managed.

    Our customs brokers are licensed by the S.H.C.P., through which we carry out —on behalf of customers and by using the best technological resources— the shipping of goods under the different customs classifications foreseen in the country’s Customs Law.


    Prida Servicios Corporativos S.A.P.I. de C.V relies on a powerful communication network of voice and data, linking our offices with our customers. This allows us to have dedicated channels to provide quick, reliable and real time tracking information on shipments.

    Additionally, our customers can also access online reports such as electronic invoices and tracking information with a direct link for authorized clients via this website.

    To offer an integrated service in their international trade operations, along with the best possible quality through continuous improvement through the experience of our personnel and infrastructure, guaranteeing the security and professionalism of the service we provide. Our goal is the ‘Client’s Complete Satisfaction.

    Our company is a world leader in international trade and achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2008Furthermore, we are proud to be a 100% Mexican company interested in ensuring our customers complete satisfaction through continuous improvement. Our objective is to provide national and international business leaders a comprehensive quality system in their import and export operations.

    On site. On Time. Every Time—This is why we set up individual contracts with our clients to take care of their shipments through certain customs sites within as few as three hours of receiving them. We are able to quickly and efficiently inspect, process and ship them.

    Our reputation demands that our international trade operations comply with the highest quality standards of ISO 9001-2008 and of C-TPAT certifications and to be prepared to address any criminal threat. Our 65 years of experience—in meeting the needs of international trade— allow us to take care of our customers with a sense of urgency and flexibility, providing a wide range of services and strategies.

    We are able to provide extensive legal support by studying and applying those ordinances that best meet the specific needs of our customer during each step of the import/export process, always following all international trade laws.

    Prida Servicios Corporativos S.A.P.I. de C.V has offices in the major ports of entry and borders of the country. Prida Consorcio Aduanal also has partners in the main ports of the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia.


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