Domestic and international legal consulting provided by experts in customs clearance and international trade..We provide our customers accurate and specialized assistance in legal procedures and customs and non-custom regulations. We also offer courses in training and continuous improvement in the field of customs, as well as import and export program evaluation. Additionally, we offer bonded warehousing including:

  • Direct and personalized supervision.
  • Clearance of goods through government agencies (SHCP, SE, SAGARPA, SSA, etc.)
  • Normal, special and multi-modal transportation arrangements.
  • Special loading and unloading maneuvers.
  • Packaging and shipment inspection.
  • Insurance of merchandise.
  • Custody of merchandise.
  • Parcel and courier services.
  • Prida Servicios Corporativos S.A.P.I. de C.V. specializes in industrial project management/procurement. Our company consists of a group of customs clearance experts who will ensure that resources are appropriately allocated so that our clients can import their manufacturing facilities, energy generation equipment, machinery to increase their production capacity, parts for emergency repairs, transport of oversized equipment and components, all while providing a safe and reliable service.

    The teams within our company, offer our customers the appropriate logistics plans in terms of transportation, follow-up, and reporting of imports and exports with real tangible cost and tax savings."

  • Virtual (V1)
  • International Trade and Legal Services
  • Changes in Customs Regime (F4)
  • Rectification (R1)
  • Legalization (A3)
  • Virtual Export Permit for automotive manufacturers and suppliers (V4)
  • Complementary Declaration (CT) Art. 303 TLCAN
  • Customs Declaration for return of goods, transfers, waste, etc. (V5)
  • Through our strategic alliances with specialized transportation companies, Prida Servicios Corporativos S.A.P.I. de C.V. guarantees
    air, sea, land and rail logistics services, as well as world-class maneuvers and certification
    to or from anywhere in the world.

    Urgent consignments to and from all major air and sea ports worldwide are handled through our exclusive Air and Ocean Charters Service, with shipments weighing up to 9,000 kg and/or measuring from 7 to 1,850 cubic meters using a modern fleet of aircraft and ships specialized by cargo type.

    We are able to provide competitive pricing, more favorable conditions for forwarding goods, and international transport with our “door-to-door” service thanks to the relationships we have built with our partners. Our company is responsible for each step of the import or export process, and our advanced technological systems simplify and improve logistics, allowing us to control the flow of all shipments according to your needs. Our services offer an integrated customs brokerage solution that includes transportation and international logistics.

    Prida Servicios Corporativos S.A.P.I. de C.V. is a company with proven expertise in customs clearance.

    Our team consist of highly experienced customs brokers with over 25 years of experience in customs clearance and international trade. Our experts will ensure that there is no delay in the import or export of your googs by assigning the correct tariff codes. We also offer correspondent customs service through strategic paterns at a global level.

    At we strictly comply with all import regulations/permits and always take advantage of the tarriff preferences granted under international treaties. We ensure a long-lasting relationship with our customers by providing an efficient and secure customs clearance service.

    In addition, our state-of-the-art operations and technological systems allow us to offer your online, real-time reporting, invoicing and tracking of shipments in order to meet the needs of your industry.

    Our international trade solutions alway provide the best service and continous innovation in logistics to save you time and money.

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